Bear-Proof Camping


How to Make Sure You are Safe From Bears

You hear it almost every time you go camping….Watch out for those scary bears! While most people laugh this comment off and don’t think about it, here in Michigan, it gets a little bit harder to laugh off such comments. When camping, although the chances aren’t high, there is a possibility of you encountering bears if you choose to set up camp in the woods or other remote areas. So what do you do when you see a bear or think you could be camping close to some? Here are some tips to help keep you and your campsite safe from the curious bear.

1. Be Clean

Bears have an amazing sense of smell, and anything funky smelling they can pick up from a good distance away. Any food odor such as old food, food in the garbage or dirty dishes are prime scents that will attract hungry and curious bears. Make sure you dump the water you used to do dishes at least 150 ft. away from any lakes or wetlands. For garbage and other food waste, you can burn it when possible. If food or garbage isn’t burnable, it should be stored away when you leave your campsite. The best place for food is stored away in a tight, secure space, where bears have a hard time picking up scents. Whatever you do, do not leave food outside of your RV or campground, as this will definitely increase the chances of bears to stop by your campsite for an afternoon snack.

2. Make Sure Your Campsite Is Tidy

Curious bears will find any excuse to make their way inside your campsite. When leaving your RV or other motor vehicle, make sure all doors are locked, and no belongings or food is left outside. If you are using tents to camp, it is best if those are left open. Just because the tent is closed doesn’t mean the bear will give up. It is likely he will just try harder to get in, making your tent look nothing like it did when you set it up.

3. Practice What to do if you Encounter a Bear

Not all bears are thirsty, blood hungry animals. Like this guy. Who just wants to say “hello” to this hunter in a tree. [youtube=] Yes some bears can be big and scary, but most are actually very timid creatures. It is important to have a plan in case you do encounter bears while camping. If you stumble upon a bear while hiking, loud talking or noises can scare them away. If you are carrying snacks, you can throw them onto the trail but make sure you keep walking. If you are with a group of people, it should be easy to deter the bear from your group. The one thing that is a must is for you to do is AVOID BEAR CUBS. Bears are very protective animals and the cubs are not meant to be fed or approached. Mother bears are usually close by to the cubs and could become aggressive if she thinks her cub is being threatened. The most important thing to remember is to remain calm if you encounter a bear. Bears are scared of loud noises so banging on pans, yelling or shuffling your feet usually will get them to run away.

A&S RV Center

Here at A&S RV Center, we want to make sure that you are safe when camping. As camping season heats up, we are your number one place for anything RV. From our large inventory of new, used and rental RVs to our service and parts departments, we are here for all of your camping needs! Do you have any other tips about how to bear proof your campsite? Let us know in the comments below!


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