Fun Thanksgiving Activities


Happy Thanksgiving!

Dreading hosting the family this Thanksgiving? Not sure what to do with everyone? We are here to help! We have put together a list of some things that you can do to make sure everyone has a great time this Thanksgiving. So turn off the TV, stop taking cat naps after you stuff your face full of food and go do something together as a family!

It will amaze you with a couple of planned activities how much fun you can have together as a family!

Have a Turkey Bowl

All you need is a football and willing participants for this game! Pair off in teams. Depending on how many people you have, split the teams evenly, mixing in boys and girls. If your yard is big enough to hold the family and friends, play the game at home! If you don’t have a big enough yard, head on down to your local park and start the game!

Play regular football rules, (minus the tackling, two hand touch is great!) or mix them up! Just make sure everyone is involved and having fun. Not only will you have a blast, it might wear the younger kids out so that you can have a restful ride home!

Go See A Movie

While most businesses are closed during Thanksgiving, the movie theater stays open! Pick a movie the whole family can agree on. If that is literally an impossible task, split up! Half of your group can see one movie, while half the group can watch another. The thing to remember is make sure the start times and movie times are close together. You don’t want to be waiting for an extra hour after your movie got out! There are plenty of movies out that are both family friendly and entertaining.

Card Games

At family gatherings sometimes it can be hard to break the ice for new people coming into the family. Break the ice with some great card games! Not only will you get a chance to socialize with family, card games are a great way to make sure the day is fun for all.

Some card games that can get really fun as well as can accommodate lots of people are:

– Spoons

– Uno

– Golf

– Hearts

Help at a Local Food Drive

Gather up everyone and put yourselves to good use! Helping at a local food drive or soup kitchen is not only a great way to spend time with your family, it is also a great way to give back to your community. Tons of soup kitchens need volunteers to help their operations run smoothly. Make sure you call before you bring the whole crew. Ask if they need help and if they need anything if you do go to help. Making a difference in the community is always a great way to spend the holidays.


We wouldn’t be a very good RV dealership if we didn’t suggest going RVing! If you have the right amount of people, pack up the RV and head out to a local campground for the day! Play games, eat your meal, and share the day with neighbors. Going to an RV park is a great alternative to spending the day cooped up in someones house. Bundle up and hit the open road for a great family time!

A&S RV Center

If you need anything such as a quick service before the holidays or a part or accessory, let A&S RV Center help. We offer a top notch service department as well as a great parts store in person or online!

From all of us here at A&S RV Center, we wish you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving! Wherever your travels may take you, be safe and have fun in the presence of family and friends.

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