How to Prepare for Your First RV Trip


Tips for your First RV Trip

Planning to take your first RV trip soon? Like doing anything for the first time, it can be stressful making sure you are prepared to hit the road.

Luckily for you, their are many people and organizations in your corner to help you on your first RV journey.

Here are some tips that will help you be prepared to make your first RV trip a successful one.

1. Make a Checklist

There is nothing worse than being on the road and slamming on your brakes while shouting, “WE FORGOT SOMETHING!”

Make a Checklist

To avoid this, make sure you are prepared with a checklist of things you will need for your first trip. Being your first trip, the tendency is to over-pack, and that’s okay. It is better to be over-prepared than under-prepared, and packing a little too much won’t hurt you.

Here are some basic items that should be on everyone’s checklist.

  • Extension cords

  • Power adapters

  • Hoses for drinking water.

  • Sewage disposal kit

  • Wooden leveling blocks

  • Tools for the stabilizing jacks

  • Fire extinguisher

  • Flashlights

  • Food

  • Cooking utensils

  • Trash can

  • Tools to build a fire

  • Hygiene items

  • Matches/propane tanks

While your list will certainly include more, these are a few suggestions to jog your memory and make sure you have everything you need for a safe and successful first RV trip.

2. Make Sure you can Arrive Safely

One of the biggest differences an RV has from a regular car is that RVs require more attention from the driver and passengers.

Know Where to Go

Once you have rented or purchased your RV, make sure you are aware of how to operate the RV as well as who to contact if you need any help while on the road. Asking these questions now will save you trouble down the road.

Once you are on the road, these tips can help you ensure that you get to your destination in a safe and efficient manner.

  • Be patient and take your time
  • When backing out of areas or switching lanes, make sure you have another pair of eyes helping to guide you.
  • If you have access to a smart phone, find RV specific travel apps. These apps can assist you to avoid dangerous overhead clearances, and also avoid roads or tunnels that don’t allow propane tanks.

3. Balance Your Time

On your first RV trip, you might be a little anxious to try and do a lot of different things.


An RV trip is an experience, and taking things slowly is part of that experience. Driving an RV long distances and setting up camp can be taxing, so don’t worry if you feel tired and want to rest.

Part of the beauty of an RV trip is being surrounded by ones you care about. There is no shame in just relaxing around a campfire for a day instead of going for a hike.

There will be plenty of time to enjoy numerous activities on your trip, and balancing your time can be key to making sure you are well rested.

A&S RV Center

Your first RV trip is an exciting time. If you are thinking of buying an RV or looking to rent one to try it out,  A&S RV Center can help you find the perfect solution.

At A&S RV Center we offer an extensive inventory of RVs as well as rentals to make sure that no matter renting or buying, you get the best RV for you and your crew.

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