Last Minute Camping Gifts


Hello, Procrastinators!

Uh oh. Forget someone on your Christmas list? Or maybe you’ve got a gift exchange coming up and you flat-out have no ideas? Why not get some simple and useful camping accessories to encourage someone to take a relaxing vacation in their RV? Or perhaps you’ve got an avid camper or RVer on your list and need help finding the perfect gift. Here’s a simple list of common things you can pick up at many brick-and-mortar stores that won’t leave you waiting on shipping dates!

Simple Stocking Stuffers – <$20

If you’re needing a simple or inexpensive gift, check out these options:

  • Pocket Knife: This handy tool has many everyday applications and can be found in nearly any store with a sporting section
  • Flashlight: Always seems like you never have one when you need one. Pick up a nice and durable flashlight for an easy stocking stuffer gift
  • Batteries: So this may not be the most thoughtful or exciting gift, but everyone just needs batteries!

Smaller Gifts – $20 to $50

Need something a little nicer than a simple gift? Step up your gift-giving with something a little more expensive:

  • Camping Chairs: Seems like you could always use more of these. Plus, it’s nice to have newer ones to replace the old worn out chairs held together by duct-tape
  • Lanterns: When a flashlight won’t cut it, a quality lantern can be a great gift for someone that enjoys camping outside overnight
  • Gift Cards: Some may say gift cards are lazy or impersonal, but who wouldn’t love getting to chose their own gift?

Bigger Budget – $50+

Alright, time to really step it up. If you’re wanting to go all-out and really impress someone, check out these more expensive and lavish gifts:

  • Portable Gas Grill: Nothing like roughing it in the wilderness and cooking up a big juicy steak!
  • Large Multi-person Tent: What better way to encourage someone to get out and enjoy the outdoors than a fancy new tent? They’ll practically be obligated to use it!

Money is No Option

So you want end-game gifts, huh? Fine. A & S RV Center is here for you. We’re not expecting anyone to come in and buy a trailer as a gift for someone else, but maybe if you’ve been good this year, you should get yourself something nice for Christmas. Check out the¬†our year-end clearance¬†to find great deals on great RVs, travel trailers, fifth wheels, and toy haulers. Come in and check them out today!


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