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Keep the Bugs Away

With temperatures on the rise daily, bugs can become your number one nemesis this summer. Whether on your skin, in your RV or around your campsite, bugs are everywhere!

Take some initiative this summer and beat the bugs before they get to you. In this post we will feature some products that will help you keep bugs out of your RV, away from your body and off your food.

Best Bug Sprays for Skin

Bug bites can ruin any trip very easily. The severe itching and red bumps are enough to drive even the calmest person mad!

The key to bug sprays when camping is to know the four letter word, DEET. You have probably seen it on many a bug spray bottle, “deep woods DEET”. But what exactly is DEET and is it safe?

DEET was developed by our U.S. Army and was used in Vietnam as a way to repel insects and mosquitoes in the deep Vietnam jungle. Now a staple of most bug sprays, DEET does have some rules that need to be addressed.

The first rule is that when purchasing a product that has DEET in it, it should be no greater than 30 percent DEET. Any more than 30 percent could have harmful side effects.

The second rule is to not purchase Sunscreen that had DEET in it. Sunscreen is meant to be lathered on very generously, and even reapplied throughout the day. Lathering up generous amounts of DEET can be dangerous, so stay away from the sunscreen DEET combos.

Best Bug Sprays for your skin include:

  • Off Deep Woods Sportsmen II – 30% DEET
  • Cutter Backwoods Unscented – 23% DEET
  • 3M Ultrathon Insect Repellent 8 – 25% DEET

Keep Bugs out of your RV

Just like your home, no one wants to see bugs or any creatures invading their RV! It can cause restless nights, anxiety and not to mention it’s just gross!

But there are steps you can take to keep bugs out of your RV!

Here are some prevention methods that will help keep the bugs away!

  • Clean up! Bugs like to gather around spilled drinks and left out food. One way to keep bugs out is to clean up! Make sure that no food is left out and that no drinks have been spilled.
  •  Use Traps! There are numerous traps, baits, and sprays on the market that can keep your RV pest free from several different offenders.

A&S RV Center

We hope your summer will be a bug free one with these tips and tricks!

If you are in need of any accessories such as bug screens, bug protection, or windshield cleaner, let A&S RV Center help!

We offer several items related to killing bugs in our online parts store. Remember, if you need help with anything RVs, give A&S RV Center a call today.





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