RV Energy Saving Tips


Save Energy and Be Environmentally Friendly

You may wonder if it is possible to be environmentally conscious while driving a 35 ft motorhome. The answer is, you most certainly can be!  In The Nation (a weekly magazine) the author of an article stated that carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases emitted by jets during air travel is 270% more than emissions released when driving the same distances. Thus making air travel one of the most destructive things we can do for the environment. If you have ever wanted to save energy and be environmentally conscious, here on some ideas on ways you can do that.

Improving Fuel Economy

  • The first step to improving your fuel economy is easing up on that lead foot of yours. When you accelerate quickly and speed to get where you’re going, you are decreasing your fuel economy anywhere from 5-33% depending on your driving habits.
  • Replace your air filter. Using a clean air filter can improve your overall fuel economy by about 10%.
  • Using overdrive whenever you can will save you fuel by decreasing engine speed. Also, by using cruise control you can save fuel because it keeps you going at a constant speed instead of fluctuating. This is really only true if you are driving on a relatively flat surface.
  • Keeping your RV in tune and in top running condition will help as well. An engine that is poorly tuned can lower your fuel economy by 10-20%.
  • A faulty oxygen sensor with poor emissions can cause a 40% reduction in fuel economy! Yikes!
  • Added weight of course is another culprit. So try to only bring what you need to keep the weight down.

Renewable Energy Source: Solar Power

If you really want to reduce your carbon footprint, using a renewable energy source is your best bet. We’re going to talk about how you can utilize the power of the sun to keep your appliances powered.

First off, what is renewable energy. Renewable energy, unlike fossil fuels, can never run out and does not cause pollution. One of the most logical sources of renewable energy for RVers is solar power. Solar energy is produced by using the suns rays. Using solar panels, batteries and inverters you can harness solar energy for use in your RV.

A typical system for your RV would consist of solar panels, batteries, an inverter and a charge controller. The energy captured from the suns rays produce a direct current, this is also known as DC power. The power from this is then captured by the RV’s auxiliary batteries. The purpose of the charge controller is to make sure that the batteries are fully charged but not overcharged. Then the inverter converts the DC power that has been stored in the batteries, into alternating current or AC power that the RV’s appliances will use. You can find many inverters in today’s RVs that are inverter/charges, meaning they are inverters, battery chargers and a transfer switch all in one.

Water Conservation

To start conserving water, it is best if you plan ahead to save yourself some time. Before getting into the RV shower, trying washing your hair over a tub in the sink. This will save you gallons of water.

You could also try a solar shower. A solar shower is a bag you fill with water and is warmed up by the sun. The bag typically holds around 5 gallons of water and can be attached to a tree or to the side or something such as a building. It is coated with flexible PVC and has an opening hatch at the top which allows the user to direct the water flow. You can hang your solar shower and use once heated which generally takes about 3 hours.

Let A&S RV Get You Started

With these helpful tips you now have the knowledge to get started with energy conservation. Take these tips and begin making your RV more environmentally friendly. If you enjoy the outdoors as much as we do then we all must do our part to keep it looking as beautiful as we found it. A lot of the items talked about in this blog can be found right here at our parts store! If it’s time for an RV tune up, let our experienced service staff answer any questions you may have about getting your RV engine tuned. Keep up with our blog to stay in the know with all things RV!


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