RV Maintenance Tips & Scheduling Guide

Let our RV maintenance tips take the guesswork out of knowing when to schedule service on your new or used RV! Staying on top of routine RV service and maintenance can help prevent costly repairs and keep your RV ready to hit the road year round!

RV Maintenance Tips

In the Winter: Winterization

Once you’re done traveling for the year, you’ll want to winterize your RV to withstand the elements during the cold months. Of course, this probably won’t apply if you like heading out of Michigan to warmer climates for the winter, but once you’re no longer using your RV for travels for the winter, you’ll want to protect it. Winterization includes checking for cracks and leaks, prepping lines and tanks to not freeze, and storing your RV on blocks to relieve pressure and weight on the tires.

Frequency: once a year

In the Spring: De-Winterization

De-winterizing your RV is simply putting winterization in reverse! This process includes recharging the battery, remounting propane tanks, and flushing the lines. You’ll also want to check the pressure in your tires and get an oil change, if necessary.

Frequency: once a year

Routine Maintenance

Next, make a plan. It’s easier to follow through with routine RV maintenance when you make a plan and mark your calendar to actually do the tasks. Plus, having the tasks in your calendar will allow you to look back and see when you last did them.

If you travel year-round and don’t plan on winterizing, these are some RV maintenance tasks that are needed annually:

  • Brakes: check and service
  • Exterior: reseal if you see cracks
  • Service brakes
  • Water system: flush and clean

Frequency: once a year

Your twice-a-year RV maintenance needs to include the following, and our RV service department can help:

  • Oil change (every 3,000 miles)
  • Check/change fluids
  • Jacks, hitches, and hinges: lubricate

Frequency: every six months (unless you’re packing on the miles – then, go by the 3,000 mile rule)

Tasks that need to come more frequently should include:

  • A/C: clean vents/intake/filters. Replace filters if needed.
  • Check for cracks in and on roof, slides, and seals and repair if found
  • Lubricate slide outs

Frequency: once a month

And the little things you need to do before you hit the road each and every time include the following:

  • Check tire pressure and add air as needed; also check the wear and tear on the tire and deal with any cracks and damage before hitting the road
  • Check entrance places (pipes and vents, etc.) for unwelcome pests and vermin
  • Check under the hood to make sure all pipes and hoses are connected and there are no visible leaks
  • Clear debris like branches and leaves from the roof

Frequency: before every trip

RV Maintenance Tips

This may sound like a lot of things to remember, but putting it on your calendar is the first step to making a plan and seeing it through. Plus, our RV service department can help with any RV maintenance you need, so don’t hesitate to reach out. Contact us today!

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