RV Tips for Rainy Days

Everyone dreams of a perfect vacation with gorgeous weather for sightseeing and exploring, but Mother Nature doesn’t always cooperate. Inevitably, you’ll find yourself stuck inside your new or used RV on a rainy day. Don’t let inclement weather have the last word on days when you have nowhere to go and nothing to do. Check out our list of RV tips for rainy days so that you can still enjoy your vacation even when the weather tries to put a damper on your plans!

Bring Along eBooks

Reading isn’t a thing of the past! However, books are heavy and take up space. Load your favorites on your device or tablet so you can enjoy a variety of reading material without taking up space in the RV.

RV Tips for Rainy Days

Board Games

Nothing brings the family together like a few board games! Whether you bring along a couple of classics or like to explore newer games, prepare for rainy days by packing a few of your favorites.

RV Tips for Rainy Days

If it’s been awhile since you’ve played some board games, browse board game forums ahead of time to get some recommendations for your family and the various ages you’ll have playing along.

In-House Entertainment

Most new and used RVs are equipped with excellent entertainment centers. You may have multiple LED HDTVs, surround sound, Bluetooth, DVD players, and more.

RV Tips for Rainy Days

Pack along a few of your favorite DVDs if you want, but if you end up in a spot equipped with WiFi, you can take advantage of streaming based entertainment, such as on Netflix or Hulu.

Warm Up Chilly Nights

Nothing beats a good throw blanket, a cozy fireplace, or a fresh pot of hot cocoa or cup of hot tea. Keep a selection of tea or dry mix hot cocoa on hand in your RV’s pantry, and curl up in front of your RV’s fireplace. If it’s not too cold outside, you may even open a window to enjoy the sound of the rain and the breeze coming through.

RV Tips for Rainy Days

Sometimes stormy weather can’t be avoided, but it doesn’t mean your vacation has to be ruined. Contact us if you’d like to browse our new or used RVs for sale for a variety of floor plans that can provide comfort and entertainment even on rainy days!

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