RV Tips for Traveling with Pets

When you’re planning a vacation in your new or used RV, you don’t have to leave your fur babies behind! After all, they’re part of your family too, and with some deliberate, careful planning, you can bring them with you. You’ll love having them with you and they won’t be depressed from being left behind! Check out our RV tips for traveling with pets!

Getting Them Ready for the Road

If your pet is not very experienced with long road trips or traveling, help them out by taking them on some short drives in the days and weeks ahead.

traveling with pets

This can help them acclimate to being in a moving vehicle (pets can get carsick, too!). Also, if your pet only associates being in a vehicle with perhaps negative experiences, like uncomfortable trips to the vet, this is a way to help them understand that road trips can be fun!

Vet Recommendations and Treatment

Speaking of the vet, if your pet’s shots and tags aren’t up to date, make sure that gets done before you leave. Get your fur baby microchipped at this time, too.

traveling with pets

Microchipped pets are exponentially more likely to be reunited with their human in the unfortunate event of getting lost. This is also a good time to ask your vet for a recommendation for either a sedative or tummy soother in case your pet is prone to being carsick.

On The Road!

Don’t forget to pack for your pet! Favorite toys, pillows, and blankets are all a must! Think about what your essentials are – your pet has them, too! Don’t leave a favorite toy or something that brings comfort, behind.

Pause for Paws

You’ll also want to plan for frequent stops. Your pet needs to stretch his or her legs, too, and get out to walk, play, and run around.

traveling with pets

Allowing for extra stops and time on the road trip for your dog to get out and play will do wonders for everyone!

Pet Friendly RVs

Did you know that some RVs come with pet-feeding drawers and trays? We can help you pick out the perfect new or used RV that is pet-friendly and has plenty of space for your entire family – including your fur baby. Contact us today if we can help you pick out the perfect RV!

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