RV Towing Upgrades


Upgrades Make all the Difference!

Is your trailer hitch getting old? Brakes aren’t working like they used to? Don’t wait to get these problems fixed, fix them now!

We all know that when parts are getting older or not working properly, we tend to take one look at our budget and maybe let some things slide that we shouldn’t.

Here is a list of parts that you should be checking to make sure that they work properly.

1. Brakes

If you are towing a travel trailer or fifth-wheel, brakes are a very important part of your towing vehicle. First you need to change the way you drive to make sure that you are preserving your brakes.

When towing large vehicles, you need to stop sooner and gradually press on the brakes instead of slamming them. This will ensure that you are stopping soon enough and putting less pressure on your brakes.

Get your brakes checked as well. If you need new ones, don’t hesitate! If you are towing, you will need to have the best brakes you can have.

2. Hitch

When going about purchasing your hitch for your trailer, you may want to consider which hitch fits your camper. If you didn’t know, hitches are divided into five categories based on towing capacity.

  • Class I hitches are for smaller trailers, can be used on most vehicles and can tow up to around 2,000 pounds.
  • Class II hitches can haul up to about 3,500 pounds.
  • Class III hitches can haul about 5,000 pounds and the towing vehicle should be a mid-sized pickup, van or SUV.
  • Class IV hitches can haul up to about 10,000 pounds and are often weight-distributing.
  • Class V hitches are used for the big loads, like horse trailers and large RVs, and they can handle up to 30,000 pounds.

Now that you know what trailer hitch you should buy, make the right call and don’t take any chances on trying to save a few bucks in the name of safety.

3. Lights

Several states have regulations that require trailer brakes, including Michigan.

Get your brake lights on your trailer installed today. Not only is it the law, it is also so much safer to have brake lights on your trailer. Not all cars can tell when an RV that is being towed is slowing down, so they safer you can be, the safer you should be!

A&S RV Center

We hope this guide can shed some light on some towing upgrades that will not only help you be safer, but also enjoy your trips more!

If you need any help with installing parts or gathering parts, come to A&S RV Center today!

We offer a top of the line service department that can help you install any towing upgrades you might need. Need parts? We have that too!

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