Top Christmas Decorating Tips for Your RV

Can’t fit a tree in your new or used RV for Christmas? No worries! Here are some of our top Christmas decorating tips for your RV to bring some pretty greenery without taking up your limited RV’s floor space!

Overhead Garland

Hang some Christmas garland around the overhead compartments of your RV along with some Christmas lights and shatterproof ornaments! It’ll bring a fun, pretty glow to your RV’s living and dining spaces. This is also a great place to hang your stockings from!

Christmas Decor

Advent Wreaths

Traditional wreaths are fantastic for walls, but you might consider a tabletop Advent wreath to help ring in the season. It makes for a beautiful centerpiece!

Christmas Decor

Mini Tabletop Tree

If you really want an actual tree, go for a miniature size tree that can sit near your RV’s fireplace. They are usually small enough to sit on a tabletop in your home, but they’re perfect as the focal point in your RV’s living room! Plus, if you opt for a live tree instead of artificial, you can plant it once the season is over. It’s a win-win: enjoy a Christmas tree, and help the environment when you’re through with it!
Christmas Decor
Other good Christmas decorating tips for your RV are to trade out your usual accessory throw pillows and blankets for something cheery and festive, switch your usual plain hand soaps at the kitchen and bathroom sinks for something with a sweet and spicy scent, like apple cinnamon, and swap in printed or embroidered linens (hand towels, sheets, etc.) with designs like holly berries and snowmen for your usual white towels.

Of course, if “the big” Christmas gift for your family this year is the new RV itself, we recommend wrapping the entry door in Christmas wrap and attaching a giant bow. If you need help picking out your brand new Christmas RV, then contact us today about any of the new or used RVs for sale in our inventory. We can’t wait to help make your Christmas morning memorable for your whole family!


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