Top Outdoors Apps to Have While Camping

Camping may mean disconnecting from “real” life and reconnecting with the great outdoors, but that doesn’t mean modern technology has to be excluded! In fact, you may find your camping trip in your new or used RV is enhanced by these top outdoors apps!

Safety & Survival

Your phone may already have a built-in weather app, but one particular outdoors app we recommend is WeatherBug. It provides weather alerts, current conditions, and a Doppler radar so you know what’s headed your way.

While we’re on the topic of safety in the great outdoors, check out this Army Survival app. For right at $2, you can get help on starting a campfire, tying knots, building shelter, and more. Even if you stay in a luxury RV, this app is full of tips and help you won’t want to leave home without!

Outdoor Apps

Call It a Night

One of my all-time favorite apps is StarTracker. Whether you go for the free version or spring a few bucks for the full version, the night sky will never be the same! Its interactive screen allows you to point at planets and star systems for quick and easy identification – and constellations, too!

Outdoors Apps

Well, Naturally…

The iNaturalist app is another app my kids enjoy, because it opens up their awareness to the world around them and allows them quick and easy access to learn from others! Take pictures of your environment – from insects and spiders to foliage to reptiles to birds – and allow the huge database to help identify what you’re looking at. Find out what’s safe to touch and what to avoid, all within a safe and reliable app. Best of all, it’s free and kid-friendly to use! Want a little more?

Outdoors Apps

Check out the iBird Pro app. It’s the ideal app for serious birdwatchers and is like an encyclopedia of information right at your fingertips.

Stay Level Headed

The last thing you want to leave behind is a leveler – setting up your new or used RV at camp will definitely go more smoothly (and stay more comfortably) if you have the use of a leveler! But in case you forget, or want to save some space and weight in packing tools, put the iHandy Level app on your phone. (A bonus: it’ll come in handy at home, too, when you’re hanging pictures or wall décor.) Never feel lopsided again!

Avast, Me Mateys!

Do your kids enjoy geocaching? This GeoCaching app means the treasure hunt never ends! It’s reasonably priced, and will soon be one of your favorite (and most worthwhile) monthly subscriptions. Start the hunt today!

Outdoors Apps

These outdoors apps rely on modern technology to help you make even more memories in the great outdoors. Check them out today in your preferred app store. Got questions about shopping for, financing, or servicing a new or used RV? Skip the app and pick up the phone – contact us today!

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