What’s in a Name for RVs?


What’s In a Name?

Most everyone knows that the term RV stands for “Recreational Vehicle”, but few know the alternate meanings to this common acronym. Scarcely-known alternative meanings of RV include:

Relaxing Vacation

Having an RV for your next trip means having a good relaxing vacation. Rest assured that your sleeping arrangements are taken care of with a trusty RV or travel trailer. Traveling across the nation has never been as easy as sleeping in your RV at a local RV park or exploring the great outdoors at a park or camping ground.

Reborn Velociraptor

Few people know that the recreational vehicle industry is closely related to prehistoric Jurassic times. The mighty RV barrels down the highway in a similar fashion to a raptor running after prey. Many studies have theorized that velociraptors could run at speeds of around 25 mph. The raptor loses this fight as the average RV or travel trailer can handle much higher speeds on the freeway while needing much less killing of small animals for sustenance.

Regenerative Vintage

The idea of taking a trip in an RV may seem old fashioned or cliched, but the industry has made great strides in reinventing the standard for recreational vehicles. Through innovation and new generations of travel trailers, toy haulers, folding campers, and more; anyone can plan a new adventure with the right RV.

Righteous Villain

Any fan of the popular Transformers franchise will tell you the main villain of the series is Megatron; an evil overlord with no regard of innocent lives caught in the crossfire of his war with the heroic Autobots. Few people remember the not-so-popular RoboCampTripBot, the RV transformer forced into the world of evil after losing his family. He now drifts across the galaxy, always traveling and searching for a new home.

Relished Vindication

Take pride when you take your next trip or vacation in an RV. By using an RV, you have entered into a special class of people who prefer to take adventures and live a lifestyle separate from the masses. While others doubt the practicality or usability of recreational vehicles in today’s “advanced” society, you can proudly prove yourself with a fulfilling vacation or trip with an RV.

RVs at A&S RV Center

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