Wildlife in Michigan


How to View Wildlife in Michigan

In Michigan, we are blessed to have some incredible wildlife in our parks and around our state. With thousands of different species in the water, on land, and in the air, camping in Michigan can always leave you with breathtaking sites.

So how do I go about watching animals without scaring them? What are some rare animals living in Michigan? We are here to answer all of those questions and more!

How to Watch for Wildlife

Watching wildlife has become increasingly popular over the years. If you want to watch wildlife, the key is to first know what kind of animals you want to see, and then to pick out certain areas that might have your animals. If you want to see more underwater creatures or birds, you may want to look into the shorelines of the Great Lakes or one of many majestic waterfalls Michigan offers. For mammals or land creatures, state parks and open areas are best. Wherever you go, make sure you know what wildlife are located nearby, so you won’t be surprised upon arrival. When watching wildlife, there are some important things to keep in mind.

1. Keep Your Distance Many of the animals you may encounter while viewing will be in their natural habitat. Often times they will be feeding or going about their business and would not like to be bothered. The goal of wildlife viewing is just that, to view. So don’t chase or try to get super close to the animal because you might scare it, risking its life.

2. Remember The Golden Rule You know the rule, treat others how you want to be treated. The same goes for animals. You wouldn’t want people scaring you and chasing after you while you try and eat dinner, so don’t do it to the animals and everyone will be happy! 3. Stay on the Trail If you are in state parks or wildlife viewing areas, there may be marked spots that require you to stay on the trail. While you may get the urge to wander off the path, remember that these rules are in place to protect natural habitats of several species. Staying on the path not only gives you the best chance to see animals, it also benefits the habitats of the animals as well.

Rare Michigan Animals

While viewing wildlife, you may stumble upon some creatures that are rarely seen. Some of these you may have not even known live in Michigan! Here a couple cool creatures we thought would be fun to find!

1. Flying Squirrels These small squirrels do not truly fly, but they are excellent gliders. They appear to fly because they run along branches and leap into the air, spreading their loose skin like the wing on a hang glider. Though fairly common, these squirrels are shy and rarely seen. If you are lucky enough to see one, you are in for an amazing site!

2. Martens Yes we know, our hearts melted as well when we saw this photo! Another elusive creature, the Marten is about two feet long, including their long, bushy tails. They usually have orange colored throat patches and look like a mink. Martens spend most of the time in the trees and are rarely seen, just like the flying squirrel!

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