Winter Activities in Michigan


Have Fun in the Cold

With fall in full swing and old man winter on the horizon, it’s time once and for all to rank winter activities that you might be gearing up for in the coming months.

Michigan is a great place to experience the outdoors and winter together. With beautiful scenery, plenty of free activities and also ample park space, this is a great place for winter fun!

Here is a list of activities you may be gearing up for in the coming months and how we would rank them.

7. Ice Climbing

Ice climbing is becoming a popular winter sport at spots around Michigan such as Rocks National Lakeshore, Munising Falls and Sand Point. The appeal of ice climbing is that you can experience climbing on a tough and challenging surface while getting some great views while you do it.

The problem with ice climbing is that it is very dangerous. Certain areas are often seen as off limits and you never really know if the ice will hold at certain points. So while fun, the danger element is why this comes in at number seven on or list.

6. Snowshoeing

The national lakeshore consists of some 73,000 acres along 42 miles of Lake Superior shoreline. Of those about 30,000 acres can be used for snowshoeing. That’s a lot of freedom to roam!

Besides the health benefits of snowshoeing, it can also be a very relaxing activity. Sometimes if you find a decent trail you will be the only one within your sights, just taking in the scenery and trekking away.

The only downside to snowshoeing is that it isn’t skiing! That is why we have it listed as number six and the next activity as number five.

5. Cross Country Skiing

Cross Country Skiing is a great activity for anyone who might not like the intense speeds of the mountains or the windy curves. There are plenty of great places to cross country ski in Michigan, and you are sure to find a trail suited for your needs! If you want to just take a leisurely day ski or you want a quick workout to start or end your day, you can find it all in Michigan!

If you are wanting to get started, make sure you get fitted for skis and equipment that fits you!

4. Winter Camping

Winter camping is a great activity that can be done whether you are staying somewhere for a week or just overnight. With the proper equipment and clothing, you should be just fine to camp and have a great time! Start a fire and cook a great meal, or huddle for warmth while telling stories. There are endless possibilities of what you can do when camping in the winter time, and it is sure to be an experience unlike any other you have had.

There are plenty of camping areas around Michigan. Get together with your group and pick a place that is right for you!

3. ATV/Snowmobile

Our top three starts with ATV/Snowmobiling. In one of the more exciting and thrilling things on the list, take a ride on a snowmobile or blaze your own trail on an ATV! Snowmobiling is popular around Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore and the unplowed roads lead to major fun to be had by all! There are also places around the state where you can rent a snowmobile and take it out on a trail.

Of course, safety should be the number one priority when riding a snowmobile or ATV. Make sure to take the appropriate safety precautions to ensure you have a safe and fun time!

2. Ice Fishing

Coming in at number two is the fantastic sport of ice fishing. Most people are hesitant to try ice fishing for various reasons, but let us suggest that you try it!

One myth is that in the winter months there aren’t that many fish to catch. In reality, there are some species of fish that are caught more frequently in the winter than in the summer months.

A truly unique experience is just walking on the ice out to your favorite spot. If the ice is clear of snow, sometimes you can see through the ice!

Some things to remember when you ice fish include:

  • Never fish alone
  • Always test the ice with a spud
  • Take the appropriate emergency items, such as a life jacket and ice picks
  • Take a cell phone with you
  • Dress Warm

 1. Skiing/Snowboarding

The most popular winter activity I think we can all agree is skiing and snowboarding. Growing up in Michigan, most of us have learned to ski or snowboard, but if you haven’t now is a great time to learn! Michigan is ranked second in the nation for number of ski areas and is perfect for any skill level.

With tons of places to hone your skills, you can hit the slopes throughout the year!

Most people like to get fitted for their equipment, but at most places you will find rentals and lessons available!

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What are your favorite winter activities? We would love to hear your thoughts! If you are in need of a camper to help you with your winter activities, let A&S RV Center help!

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