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RV Insurance

Insurance Coverage

American Adventure InsuranceMany people put their RVs on their auto insurance, but this could result in the loss of thousands of dollars due to insufficient coverage.

Our insurance companies provide RV Insurance that is specially designed for RVs and the special needs of the people who use them. Our standard RV policies typically include towing and roadside assistance, damage to awnings and satellite dishes, emergency vacation expenses, campsite liability, full-timer's coverage, and total loss replacement. 

Call your salesperson or the business manager for a free quote. We shop at least 3 top-rated RV insurance companies to get you the best coverage for your needs.

Extended Service Contracts

Available on new and used RVs, service contracts cover all your major systems and appliances against mechanical break-down. Good anywhere in the US and Canada. 

Road Hazard Protection

You never know what you'll find on the road. Road hazards are those unusual conditions of the highway which should not exist, such as pot holes, metal objects, glass, etc.

Our Road Hazard protection program:

  • Will pay for repair or replacement of tire / wheel / rim damaged due to road hazard
  • Covers mounting and balancing of replacement tires and all sales tax
  • Has no deductible

Environmental Protection

Keep your RV looking as good as the day you bought it with our interior and exterior protection options.

All protections include a 3 to 5-year warranty; simply follow through with ordinary maintenance and if any product fails to perform as guaranteed, the damaged area will be repaired or replaced at no cost to you!

Our exterior coating will protect your RV from:

  • The sun's ultraviolet rays, which can cause oxidation and fading
  • The effects of sea and road salt
  • The penetration of bird droppings and tree sap

Our fabric coverage protects your carpet and fabric upholstery by:

  • Preventing stains from oil and water-based spills
  • Allowing quick and easy clean-up
  • Bonding to individual fibers without altering texture, scent, or color of the treated fabric

Leather / Vinyl
For RVs with leather or vinyl furniture, this product will prevent:

  • Drying and loss of soft, supple texture
  • Fading and discoloration
  • Premature aging of seats, dashboards, trim, etc.
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